By Christi Pedigo

"Meet Mommy. She only has 15 seconds to record her thoughts while hiding from her children in the closet or bathroom. No one knows how many kids she has or what her real first name is, but one thing is certain, whether she is inventing things to make life easier or sharing poopie stories, she sure is funny!  For Valentine’s Day, Mommy got a great idea that backfired horribly…"

By Christi Pedigo

"'Listen, I’m going to pick you and your brother up from school in a few days wearing a rainbow wig…' I started."

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For "Bunny the Elf LIVE!" at The Other Space, The Actors Company in Los Angeles, CA Dec. 2018

"Christi Pedigo is a talented, versatile actress and writer, and she has created Bunny the Elf out of her own experiences working as a Christmas Elf at FAO Schwarz in New York... Pedigo’s performance is pitch-perfect throughout: the slightly loopy voice, the radiant smile, the limitless physicality, the endearing sincerity project a character we can’t help but love... Pedigo’s work in this show is thoroughly impressive. Her writing is honest and witty... Pedigo has found a wonderful vehicle in Bunny to showcase both her acting and writing talent..."

- Scotty Keister Read Full Artice

"Pedigo’s potent enthusiasm, charm, sincerity, andrazor-sharp comedic timing make the 60 minutes show a worthwhile holiday live performance not just suitable but tailormade for both children and adults.  Pedigo’s Bunny The Elf manages to be a welcome reminder of what actual magic Christmas, as well as life itself, can be if we allow for us not to give up on our dreams but instead allow for them to find their place in our reality."

- Mark M. Rosier Read Full Article

For "4Play: Sex in a Series" with trip. at The Actors Company in Los Angeles, CA, Feb-March 2018

"...light and bubbly like a good champagne with a chaser of stimulating relationships.... [with] the beautiful Christi Pedigo as the Tequila,... They’re all attractive and talented." - Ingrid Willmot, Will Call Read Full Article

“NOT TO BE MISSED… the acting is terrific… smart, savvy, funny, and perfectly paced, edgy dialog… Touching, heartfelt, and exuberant, this is the story of love in the city, with sex just the excuse love needs to get under your skin.” — Genie Davis, Diversions LA Read Full Article

SWEET AND REAL… I was fully engaged... rooting for these flawed characters to find the love they so desperately wanted.” — Lacey Rae, Media Geeks Read Full Article

“A UNIQUE THEATRICAL EXPERIENCE. DON’T MISS IT… spontaneous, authentic and real.” — Peter Foldy, Hollywood Revealed Read Full Article

“The show had me at the getgo... a delicious stew of desire, all upfront and personal, and is so close to the audience that one can look the characters right in the eye." - Paul Myrvold's Theatre Notes Read Full Article

"VERY FUNNY... VARIETY AND SPICE... explores the striking similarities between loving couples - despite their differences." - Elaine Mura, LA Splash Read Full Article

For Lullaby Maze at Queen Mary's Dark Harbor in Long Beach, CA Oct. 2017

"The talent in this maze is wonderful and the cast that plays the different Mary's are very convincing and creepy... All around a great team effort makes this the best maze of the year for Dark Harbor for the 2nd year in a row." - Hatbox Photography Read Full Article

For "Man Trouble" at Stages Theatre in Fullerton, CA, Aug-Sept 2017

"Pedigo’s cute, brainy Kitty is admittedly 'too trusting' of men despite her pattern of having been deceived by them..." - Eric Marchese, OC Register Read Full Article

"Pedigo’s wacky eccentric is the highlight of the show for my money." - Scotty Keister, OC Theatre Review Read Full Article

For "Get Smart" at Huntington Beach Playhouse in Huntington Beach, November 2016

"More accomplished is his partner, Christi Pedigo as the alluring Agent 99, who combines brains and beauty quite nicely." - Tom Titus, The Pilot, Los Angeles Times Read Full Article

For "WTC View" at Theatre Out in Santa Ana, Sept. 2016

"(Pedigo’s) sunny blonde girl-next-door appeal provides a just-right contrast to Fargo’s dark intensity..." - Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA Read Full Article

"(Pedigo) and Fargo nimbly actualize the bond of buddies who serve as each other’s surrogate siblings." - Eric Marchese, OC Register Read Full Article

For "Raised in Captivity" at Stages Theatre in Fullerton, CA, Mar-Apr 2016

"Pedigo throws herself into the role of Hillary, resulting in a great performance. " - Daniella Litvak, The Orange Curtain Read Full Article

"...Hillary MacMahon (a nuanced and blisteringly damaged Christi Pedigo), Sebastian's shrink, who stumbles around the stage in the second act like a much cuter but still self-blinded Oedipus, determined to get clean for her countless sins (the biggest of which, apparently, is being alive)." - Joel Beers, OCWeekly Read Full Article

"In the play’s only purely comedic portrait, Pedigo deftly paints Hillary’s non-existent self-esteem, abandonment issues, self-loathing and, yep, schadenfreude." - Eric Marchese, OC Register Read Full Article

For "All My Sons" at Stages Theatre in Fullerton, CA, Jan-Mar 2016

"...and Pedigo’s conflicted Ann are shattering, anchoring Parrish’s superb cast."  - Eric Marchese, OC Register Read Full Article

"Christi Pedigo has perhaps the most difficult role (as Chris’ calm, even-tempered wife-to-be, Ann) but handles it nicely"- Jordan Young, Read Full Article

"Christi Pedigo, as the somewhat bewildered Ann, is a strong presence throughout." - Scotty Keister, The Orange Curtain  Read Full Article